Connect and share like never before with innovative and cost-effective content management solutions. 

Simplified File Sharing

Effortlessly store and share all types of content, including: office documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, Google Apps/Docs/Emails, RSS feeds and more.

Intuitive Collaboration

Easily collaborate with coworkers and clients through shared folders that allow you to view, discuss and edit content with the click of a button. Plus, creating access and restrictions is simple and fast.

Protected Cloud Storage

Hosted on a secure, dependable and offsite storage platform, your data remains safe and your files are always backed up.

Automated File Sync For Your Desktop

Whether working from files on your computer or from the Cloud, automatic document syncing allows you to leverage files the way that you feel most comfortable. Sync makes sure you and those sharing your files only access the most recent version.

Unlimited Accessibility

With instant access from any device or operating system, your files follow you from the office to home to wherever, without missing a beat.

Unbeatable Value

Telegia's cloud-based solutions offer you the convenience and technology your business needs at the competitive pricing you want.

Hosted Exchange

An enterprise-grade hosting solution: Offering unmatched accessibility through technologically advanced hosted exchange solutions that are affordable and easy to maintain. 


Lower the total cost of ownership for your business through the reduction and elimination of licensing fees, in-house maintenance and capital expenditures.

Enjoy the luxury of remote access to information from anywhere at any time, while keeping costs under control.

A clustered, redundant exchange environment, Telegia's hosted exchange solutions are supported by reliable and secure data centers with built-in backup.

Tailor your hosted exchange solution to include additional e-mail domains/storage, hosted DNS/migration services, mobile phone synchronization, content filtering, secure messaging, compliance tools, and more.


Telegia experts manage the hosted exchange system based on your organization's specific requirements, eliminating the stress of constant maintenance demands.

  • Clustered, redundant

Benefits of Hosted Exchange vs. A Do-It -Yourself Solution

  • Clustered redundant exchange environment
  • Expandable storage
  • Redundancy built into all supporting infrastructure: power, switching, storage
  • Upgrades and patches done while you sleep with little to no down time
  • Latest software versions

Key Benefits

  • Lower total cost and no capital expenditures
  • Reduce or eliminate licensing fees and in-house maintenance
  • SSAE 16/ SAS 70, reliable and secure data centers with built-in backup
  • Remote access from anywhere, anytime

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