Our Managed IT Services program helps to remove the complexity of managing your network infrastructure. We offer an on boarding process to ensure the technical resources and technologies are implemented as smoothly as possible and we take time to not only understand, but to familiarize ourselves with your business. No one likes having to deal with multiple vendors, so we handle all of that for you freeing you can focus on what matters: running your business. We understand that you have a business to manage and that you don’t have the time to stay current on the latest technology; we will do that for you!

We offer a range of Managed Services such as:

Network Design & Infrastructure
We understand that every network is different. Telegia will work with you to make sure you have the technology that will effectively support your business while allowing for its growth. Whether you are just starting out or expanding your business, we can help you plan out upgrades to the network, deployments, firewall upgrades, managed switches, new phone systems, server upgrades and whatever else your company might need.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Disaster can strike at any moment and we all know it’s never at a convenient time. You can’t forecast power outages and the system crashes they may cause, resulting in costly data loss. Let us keep you prepared for the worst with our varied and reliable business continuity contingences.

  1. We can provide off-site backups as well as off-site servers for your peace of mind.
  2. We offer Cloud Storage as well as Virtualization
  3. Emergency Plans – Including loaner servers

Monitoring, Maintenance, Server & Desktop Support
We have remote tools such as TeamViewer so we can offer both remote and on-site support whenever necessary. Part of our offering includes:

  1. Patch Management for Servers and Desktops
  2. Predict security vulnerabilities and provide network assessments
  3. Desktop management
  4. Anti-virus service
  5. Software upgrades
  6. Monitoring of critical hardware, servers, and backups

Managed Commercial Grade / Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi Design, Installation & Management
Wireless is what our company was built upon. With technology evolving daily and all of the BYOD coming in and out of the office, wireless security is a must. Let us help to ensure that you are running at top notch.

  1. We provide a seamless and managed wireless network
  2. We optimize the Wi-Fi so you are always running at optimal speeds and performance.
  3. We can detect any rogue networks
  4. We make sure your public network is completely separate from your private network.

Specialty One Time Projects

  1. Office 365 migrations
  2. File migrations 
  3. Infrastructure upgrades to new servers
  4. New desktop rollouts
  5. Installation of new switches, firewalls and total network overhaul 
  6. IT clean-ups and/or refreshes
  7. Robust, newest technology phone systems and services 
  8. Primary and backup, diverse internet connections via fiber, microwave, and cable

Above are just some of the ways that we can assist you with growing your company and building an infrastructure that can not only support your growth but also prevent disasters.

We are able to support your needs on an hourly, as-needed basis or we can create a customized plan that allows for regular weekly or monthly visits to do updates, maintenance, and help with any issues that have popped up since our last visit.  We can also work with you on special one-time projects for infrastructure upgrades to new servers, desktops, or even to change out such things as switches, firewalls, or an overhaul of your entire network.

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